Kim Worlow - Leadership Development Coach
Kim Worlow

With over 25 years of experience in leadership development, Kim Worlow coaches mid-level managers and executives on how to become more confident, powerful, and authentic leaders. Known for her compassionate and positive demeanor, Kim specializes in helping professionals accelerate their growth, achieve excellence as leaders, and accomplish all of their career goals.

Tera Payne - Career Transition Coach

With over 12 years of experience as a human resources leader and career coach, Tera Payne guides professionals of all levels through major career transitions. With a powerful, results-oriented approach, Tera specializes in helping her clients identify their goals and advance their careers, prepare for new roles and responsibilities, and ultimately create the professional lives they deserve.



This was a life altering training. I will apply what I learned with my approach to consumers and co-workers being more aware of both of our energy levels.
— Training Participant - LRS Supported Employment Initiative - Baton Rouge, LA
First, I want to thank you for leading our leadership retreat. Both for your engaging facilitation and for modeling self-reflection and vulnerability with our team. One of my love languages is praise. If it’s important for you to know, let me say: “You did a great job, and you are very good at what you do.” I look forward to working with you individually and with our full staff next month.
— Philip Adams, Project Director, Arkansas Promise