Figuring Out The Right Career Transition For You

Are you unhappy with your job and searching for something new, but you’re not quite sure what the right path is? If so, you’re in good company. As we change and grow throughout our lives, we inevitably go through career transitions that allow us to move into new roles, positions, and industries that are better suited to our values. And it can be incredibly frustrating when you want a change, but aren’t yet sure what you’d rather be doing.

To figure out the right career transition for you, we recommend journaling. To begin, write down what your perfect day at the office would look like. What exactly are you working on, who are you working with, and where are you working? For example, maybe you’re collaborating on a high-level marketing campaign, surrounded by intelligent professionals, in a beautiful office downtown. From there, look at how closely your dream workday resembles your current one. If they are very far apart, look for ways you can move them closer together, by either transitioning into a new role, company, or industry.

This is such an important exercise because people too often feel like their job is just their job – not something they get to enjoy. But the reality is that it’s possible to love your work, and it starts with envisioning what your ideal career would look like. Then, have the courage to go after that dream and do what you love. You really do deserve it.


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